Hello and welcome to TokenTalk Exclusive Communities, where anyone can create a private discussion forums accessible only to holders of their coin, or token.

While the public boards are available to any registered user, those wishing to gain access to exclusive communities must go through a one time verification process.

The whole thing should take about five minutes, so let's get into it!

Step 1 - Register or Login

Step 2 - Click "Account", then "Tokenly"

Step 3 - Select Inventory

Step 4 - Install Tokenly Pockets for Chrome and create a new wallet or load your 12 word Counterparty passphrase

Step 5 - Within your Inventory, click "Register New Address", then open Tokenly Pockets, select the address you want to hold your Access Tokens in and click the clippad icon to the right of the "Your Wallet Address" text. Paste the BTC address on TokenTalk.org where prompted, add a label by which you'll recognize the address and click submit.

Step 6 - Click "Verify" next to the address in your inventory. Copy the verification code, then open up Tokenly Pockets and navigate to the Apps tab (third). Select the "Sign Message" app.

Step 7 - Within the Sign Message app, select the address you're verifying then paste or type in the verification code. Click "Sign and Copy", then close the wallet and paste the signed message where prompted and select Verify

Step 8 - Success! Now any tokens contained within that particular bitcoin address will be recognized by the system and you will be granted access. Don't forget to Sync your account! Once Sync'd for the first time you should see all tokens it contains.