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Hi, We at the Scotcoin Project are enthused by your Tokenly Pockets project and would have no hesitation in recommending it to our users but for one tiny problem.... When we load Scotcoin to a Counterparty wallet and access it through Tokenly Pockets it shows up fine and works entirely as expected. However the logo shown next to the coin is a fairly ugly S on a black background. Is there any way to get our official logo to display here? Thank you.

  • adam

    Hello @deepsouthside, sorry for the delayed response!

    Our new wallet will be out within the next two weeks and should not only meet the need you're talking about, but enable you to turn your token into a truly "Enhanced Asset" with Blockchain Validated Asset Metadata (BVAM)

    These are actually the first images of the wallet we've publicly shared.

    If you're looking to brand the wallet itself, you can contact to discuss details.

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